#1 Children’s book for 2024, -The Wonders of Money Mac

Top Quote This is the greatest book ever written for children! Grand Prize Winner for the Hollywood Screenplay Contest for family films: talking animals, magic, ghosts, aliens, math, science, Spanish, riddles, rhymes, and sing-along songs. End Quote

  • (1888PressRelease) January 02, 2024 – This children’s book won the Grand Prize Award out of thousands of entries from the Hollywood Screenplay Contest for “Family Film” 12 years ago. “The Wonders of Monkey Mac!” by Stephanie A. Harris. The grandeur of 50 distinct chapter stories comes together to create one amazing magical novel for children and family entertainment. It’s been sitting on the shelf all these years. Now that the book cover has been redesigned, it’s time to spread the word and start filming the movie!

    This adventure, mystery, or comedy is a story about a monkey named Mac, who was raised as a human child and forced into a scientific experiment. He’s put in a zoo with some wild monkeys to see whether he can make them more like humans or if they will make him more like a wild animal. Meanwhile, he meets three boys, Snac, Pac, and Stac. They build a go-kart and race against some girls and other boys from school. They all crash and end up in big trouble, being chased by a goofy cop.

    In this novel, kids get to travel to Snacker Packer Stacker’s Land, where they create humorous names for their Snacker Packer Stacker’s snacks. They will enjoy speaking Snackerpackerstackish, learning riddles, rhymes, and sing-a-longs. They become great Snackerpackerstackians, stacking, packing, and stacking knowledge of math, science, animals, and Spanish. They will remain captivated by animals, magic, ghosts, and aliens. Kids will learn lessons of faith, hope, and love that can help them deal with everyday life situations like bullying, sibling rivalry, lying, cheating, stealing, self-esteem issues, and other conflicts.

    “The greatest book ever written for children!” Jerry Chiles. “This book is not only entertaining but also educational.” Kathleen Floyd. “Own land, culture, language, philosophy, food, entertain, and teach kids? No book can compare. It’s time to make the movie.” Laverne Davis.

    Stephanie A. Harris is the founder of Something Useful, Inc. She is an entrepreneur, always creating something useful, from books to inventions. Writer of two books, “25 Men from My Past!” & “25 Women from My Past!” Creator of “Happy Writing Boards, Flag on the Play Game, and the music single “Get it in While You Can!”


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