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Smart Rodents Pet is a USDA Licensed breeding operation made up of animal-loving family

We want to share our love of Sugar Gliders with others and provide Joeys lovers who are ready to add a quilled friend to their family with healthy, friendly and colorful Sugar Gliders that make charming pets.

  • Healthy Joeys
  • Family Raised
  • Up to Date Vaccination
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The best overall Pet DNA test is Embark Breed & Health Kit view at Chewy, which provide Pets

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Frequently Ask Questions

No. We do not issue refunds, partial or otherwise, on any final purchase for ANY REASON.

We do not issue refunds on Sugar Gliders for ANY REASON. However, if after two weeks you feel that your hedgehog’s personality isn’t a good fit for you, we can offer to swap them for another hedgehog after we try to work with you to bond with your new hedgehog. If your hedgehog has already been with you for two months though, we cannot do a swap.

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The option for getting your pet: You can have your pet(s) shipped to the nearest major airport for $175 in most cases*.