We just created a Facebook group to be able to provide all our customers with updates on which transport company will deliver your animal(s), when they will be picking up, and how to track your delivery. Click on the red button below to request to join. Only customers that have reserved animals from us will be allowed to join.



Animals will be delivered by a USDA-licensed pet transporter on the next available route via door-to-door ground transport. Routes are nationwide and occur once or twice a month. Before purchasing, please bear in mind that we cannot provide a delivery date until our transporter does. While we will try to get your baby to you as soon as possible, not all routes travel through every state. Delivery estimates are not guaranteed, as factors such as traffic, construction and weather conditions can affect actual delivery dates/times. Actual delivery can occur at any time, day or night. Buyers will be updated with delivery estimate changes, and drivers will contact the buyer directly by the phone number disclosed on our application when they are upon approach. Buyer or authorized receiver must meet with the drivers within 15 minutes of arrival, show government-issued photo ID and sign all accompanying forms (USDA Transfer Form and Sugar Gliders Family Home Joeys contract). Failure to comply to these terms will result in the transporter leaving with the animals. The buyer may then choose to have the animals redelivered at the buyer’s expense, or they may choose to cancel the sale. A cancellation of the sale will result in forfeiture of all deposits, shipping fees and vet fees, and another shipping fee will be charged to transport the animals back to the seller. Any remaining balance after a 50% restocking fee of the original purchase price will be refunded to the buyer if the sale is canceled. Remember, “ready by” dates are only approximations and are never guaranteed, as the animal must be a healthy weight and thriving independent of its parents before going to their new home.

TRANSPORT DEPOSIT: A nonrefundable deposit of $50 is required to book transport. Some private transporters may require a larger deposit. A link to pay is provided at the bottom of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: It is known that transport can be stressful on animals. The buyer must understand that Sugar Gliders Family Home Joeys has no control over what happens to the animal during transport. Once the animal has left our care, Sugar Gliders Family Home Joeys makes no guarantees of the animal’s condition when it arrives. It is the buyer’s responsibility to insure any animal throughout transport, if desired. One of our dedicated flight nannies can hand deliver your new addition to you at your local airport. They take special care of each puppy they deliver from the moment they leave our home until they place them in your arms. We arrange everything, so all you have to do is pick up your new family member at your closest main airport.


All transport fees include travel carrier, food, and supplies for bedding changes. Additional carriers going to the same address will be discounted. The following transport prices are estimates. Final prices are dependent on the transporter used and will be confirmed once transport is booked.

  • Joeys: $200 for a crate of up to 2 puppies . $350-600 for each additional crate going to the same address. We will provide a shipping container with bedding and food free of charge.

  • Adult Sugar Gliders: $275 – 450 for a crate for an adult Pet. Some transporters will discount additional crates going to the same address; the average price is only $175-220 for each additional crate. We will provide a transport crate, sleeping pouch and food free of charge to all pet homes. Breeders: $25 charge for create & pouch.

  • Private & semi-private transport: short distances within TX will be $1.50/mile. Inquire for long distance pricing. For those who want their animals sooner, on transport for a shorter period of time, and without a vehicle full of other animals. More attention will be paid to each animal on private or semi-private transports.



We use Katie Stroud of KD’s Critters and Pet Transport to transport our animals to any of the continental 48 states. She can transport small exotics as well as baby hoofstock that can comfortably fit in a Pet crate. In order to track your incoming pet transport, buyer’s must join the Facebook group titled “On The Road Updates” by clicking on the red button below, or by copying and pasting the following link below to your web browser: It is the buyer’s responsibility to view their scheduled estimated arrival times and dates, as well as to keep track of all pertinent schedule changes and updates posted in this group.

If you choose this transport option, you may not contact the transporter about when your animals will be transported. As soon as the transporter has planned the route, we will immediately let you know your estimated arrival date. If we have not contacted you regarding your animal’s transport, that means we have no further information to provide. Contacting the transporter about a date she has not yet planned will only slow her down. It is also the buyer’s responsibility to join the transport Facebook group (red button above) in order to be updated on any last minute arrival date/time changes. Thank you for your understanding.



Ben Sheely & Luisa Potenza of S&P Pet Transport offers nationwide pet transport. Ben & Luisa are also licensed breeders of small exotic animals at Potenza Exotics, so they are very knowledgeable about the animals they are transporting. They will post ETAs and updates on their private Facebook group (red button below). Make sure to click on the red button below to request to join their group so that you can follow the updates. We will always notify our customers of the date their animals are getting picked up. However, we will not update you with changes to their delivery schedule; the buyer is responsible for checking the group often for delivery updates!



Zury Burleson of Menagerie Express Pet Transport is our second nationwide transporter. He can transport pocket pets and small exotics that do not require bottle feeding. To track your incoming pet transport, click on the red button below to follow their Facebook page, where updates to the schedule will be posted in the pinned announcement. It is the buyer’s responsibility to view their scheduled estimated arrival times and dates, as well as to keep track of all pertinent schedule changes and updates posted on this page.



Amber Garrett of Yellow Brick Road Pet Transport is our third nationwide transporter. Amber can transport pocket pets and small exotics that do not require bottle feeding. Customers booked with Amber should follow her Facebook page (click on the red button below) in order to stay up to date with the current delivery ETAs.



David Huffman of DRH Transport offers nationwide pet transport on small animals that do not require bottle feeding. He will contact customers directly to provide ETAs and updates.



We use Natalie Fisher of Serenity Animal Transport for local private and semi-private transports. She mostly transports within the state of Texas and surrounding states. However, she also offers the occasional long-distance transport. Natalie can transport any small animal and hoofstock that can fit in a crate, including bottle babies. She has transport routes at least once weekly, so we will be able to provide a delivery date as soon as the animal is ready for transport. Natalie will provide ETAs once booked and will personally update the customer on any changes. Her Facebook page is linked below.



We use Felicia Wilson of Felicia’s Transports LLC for private and semi-private nationwide transports. She can transport any small exotic, including bottle babies. Felicia often sends video updates of the animals during transport, and you can follow her transport videos on her Facebook page (red button below) or TikTok. Felicia will provide ETAs once booked, and will personally update the customer on any changes.