Cat-girl strategy RPG comes out of nowhere to soak up Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem comparisons

Cat-girl strategy RPG comes out of nowhere to soak up Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem comparisons

Should you exist in the venn diagram centre between strategy RPG lover and cat obsessive, allow me to introduce you to something that scratches both those itches. Cross Tails is a gorgeous strategy RPG that channels the spirit of Final Fantasy Tactics and older Fire Emblems. The twist is that you play as a cast of fluffy cat people, naturally.

Cross Tails is set in a war-torn fantasy world where the canine Kingdom Of Ranverfurt and the feline Republic Of Hidiq are stuck in a conflict that’s lasted for generations. Thankfully, you can see the conflict play out from either perspective, as you’ll be able to choose between two main characters – the adorable Shaimaa Jerbi or the cool Felix Arens – at the beginning of the game. Although the game’s various trailers tease a mysterious higher power, so maybe the conflict’s two sides eventually become allies. Or frenemies, at the very least.

Cross Tails’ unique character designs are certainly eye-catching – who can resist spell-slinging cats? But the other draw comes from the game’s strategy RPG inspirations. The turn-based battles take place on 3D quarter-view stages, echoing the visual design of the classic Final Fantasy Tactics. The ability to use the environment to your advantage has some Fire Emblem flavour, too.

The promised character customisation also sounds very promising, as there are 24 class types and each character can have a main job and a sub-class, which seems to open up plenty of build variety. Further deepening that customisation, every class has a separate skill tree and equipment can be modded with powerful magical effects.

Overall, Cross Tails looks to be more than just a ‘strategy game for cat lovers’ proposition, although the cats certainly don’t hurt its case. Cross Tails is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Steam for $30 / £27.

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