Hoarders: Starfield Edition is only getting worse – clean up your ships, you animals

Hoarders: Starfield Edition is only getting worse – clean up your ships, you animals

Starfield is shaping up to be a virtual haven for hoarders, cleaning procrastinators, and those who keep a perpetual pile of dirty clothes in one corner of the room. (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.) Multiple fans have temporarily left the deep void of space to share what the insides of their ships look like, and the results aren’t pretty. 

Hoarding every knick-knack is a Bethesda stable. From stealing every fork in Skyrim to collecting endless rusted metal things in Fallout, players have always gravitated toward the miscellaneous stuff in these mammoth RPGs. But Bethesda’s revamped Creation Engine – updated specifically for Starfield’s massive universe – has allowed players to go an extra step further. In the Reddit post below, one fan seems to have picked up every toilet roll in the galaxy and squeezed them into one bathroom. 

Toiletfield. I like a well-stocked toilet. from r/Starfield

“Ah yes, back when Covid started that is how [people] supplied their homes,” joked one Redditor. “Buckle up, friends! We’re off to TP Uranus,” said another. 10/10 pun. 

Stocking up on toilet paper is somewhat understandable. Starfield is a long, long game and there are several companions available to recruit onto your spacecraft. That toilet paper is theoretically a useful resource. On the other hand, some spacefarers’ ships have just been used as general dumpsites for resources that don’t fit within encumbered pockets. See below. 

Anyone else’s ship look like this? from r/Starfield

In fairness, I’ve seen some University rooms that look much worse than this, but still, clean up your ships people! One Redditor commented that it “looks like all the hoarders’ houses in TV shows,” obviously without the diapers and balls of dust tumbling in the wind. Another commenter actually had a bit of good advice: “Got to the Constellation Lodge,” they said, “In your private bedroom there is a safe with unlimited capacity.” There we go – hide your junk away from the public. Stuff it in a bottomless crate. Unless you absolutely need to keep an ocean of potatoes in storage.

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