I Tried the Carnivore Diet, it Had Unexpected Health Benefits

I Tried the Carnivore Diet, it Had Unexpected Health Benefits

Have you ever wondered about alternative methods for managing chronic conditions like arthritis obesity or even diabetes? In my quest for answers, I often overlooked unconventional approaches; solutions that were right in front of me.

As a long-time diagnosed diabetic, managing my blood sugar levels had become a daily battle. After following my doctor’s recommended diet and constantly monitoring my glucose levels, I was left feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

That’s when I stumbled upon the carnivore diet, a unique eating plan that revolves around consuming only animal-based products.

Anthony Girouard carnivore diet
Anthony Girouard tried the carnivore diet. He said it turned his diabetes around, gave him greater mental clarity, and he dropped 30lbs in weight.
Anthony Girouard

I don’t remember exactly when I first saw the carnivore diet, but I vividly recall reaching out to YouTube for answers. Being someone who has always had a curious mind, but always followed my doctor’s recommendations, I was immediately drawn to this controversial way of eating.

The idea of consuming solely animal products seemed both enticing and strange, prompting a flurry of questions in my mind. What fascinated me most about the carnivore diet was its direct opposition to conventional nutritional wisdom.

For years, my doctors have consistently recommended a low-fat diet approach as the key to controlling my diabetes, so it was refreshing—and slightly perplexing—to see an alternative perspective gaining traction. Could it be possible that they have been wrong all along?

I was intrigued by the idea of reversing my diabetes naturally, so I decided to try this unconventional diet to see if it was the answer I’ve searched for.

When I first decided to try the diet, I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was curious about its potential health benefits, but on the other I couldn’t help but wonder if it would be too restrictive or even sustainable in the long run.

To my surprise, the first couple of weeks were quite challenging as my body adjusted to the drastic changes, but soon enough I found myself enjoying the simplicity of the diet.

The meals I relied on were uncomplicated, yet satisfying. Each morning, I delighted in the classic combination of crispy bacon and eggs scrambled in rich butter. And when it came to dinner, I indulged in juicy beef patties adorned generously with a dollop of creamy butter.

The first few months were the most challenging and the most physically demanding. Initially, my body did struggle to adapt to the different nutritional profile. I experienced flu-like symptoms, digestive problems, fatigue, headaches, and brain fog.

Adapting to a diet without carbohydrates initially drained my body’s energy levels and it took about three months for my system to get back on track.

The fourth month brought some unexpected benefits that I couldn’t have foreseen. Apart from the initial weight loss and increased energy levels, which I did expect, I noticed a significant improvement in my mental health.

As someone who has struggled with concentration issues, this newfound clarity cannot be overstated. Problems that seemed overwhelming before became more manageable. It’s as if a veil has been lifted, allowing me to approach things with a renewed sense of purpose and capability.

My mind felt like a well-oiled machine ready to tackle anything thrown its way. Furthermore, it was during this time that I began to embrace the simplicity and convenience of the carnivore lifestyle in a world filled with complicated diets and countless food restrictions.

Being able to rely solely on animal-based products for nutrition provided a sense of ease and freedom. I no longer worry about measuring portions or obsess over calorie counting. It’s just pure simplicity in every meal.

I was astonished when I stepped on the scale and saw that after six months, I had lost a whopping 30lbs overall. It was incredible to think that my efforts to control my diabetes led to such a significant drop in weight.

The best part was that I wasn’t even trying to lose weight—it was simply a pleasant side effect of the diet.

Initially, my main focus was on managing my diabetes. I wanted to take control of my blood sugar levels. Little did I know that this journey would also lead to shedding those extra pounds that had been weighing me down for years.

As I entered the seventh month of the diet, my weight loss had plateaued. I was expecting to see the same pattern in terms of weight loss and increased energy levels. However, that wasn’t the case. But what came as a complete surprise were other benefits that started popping up.

First, I noticed a significant Improvement in the quality of my sleep. Gone were the days of tossing and turning. Now I fell asleep quickly and woke up feeling refreshed. This newfound restfulness had a profound impact on my overall health.

Another unexpected benefit during these months was a noticeable reduction in inflammation throughout my body. Not only did my chronic joint pain diminish drastically, but also things like itchy skin and my high glucose level seemed to vanish overnight.

It was an unbelievable moment when I realized I could finally let go of my diabetes medication. I went from taking 2,000 milligrams of Metformin twice a day to no diabetes medication at all. This alone solidifies my dedication to this unconventional diet.

The transition to an all-meat diet has left me quite sensitive to other foods. After a year of mostly eating meat, I have noticed that whenever I deviate and include any type of processed food, I experience issues.

It’s as if my palette has become finely tuned and even the smallest traces of additives or toxic ingredients trigger rashes, bloating, digestive discomfort, and fatigue.

This newfound sensitivity forced me to re-evaluate not only my dietary choices but also how I approach food in general. Gone are the days when I could mindlessly indulge in various culinary delights without consequences. Instead, every decision has become deliberate and purposeful, weighing potential repercussions against momentary pleasures.

While I initially had doubts about the diet’s sustainability and health implications, I was pleasantly surprised by the positive changes it has brought to my overall health.

It’s important to acknowledge that this diet may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with certain medical conditions or perhaps ethical concerns. Before embarking on any dietary change, it’s crucial to consult with a health care professional for personalized advice.

Ultimately, this past year highlights to me the importance of personalized nutrition and the need to find a diet that suits an individual’s needs and goals.

Anthony Girouard is exploring his journey with the carnivore diet through his YouTube channel.

All views expressed in the article are the author’s own.

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