Mace wins PM role for £2.8bn animal disease science hub

Mace wins PM role for £2.8bn animal disease science hub

The Government is investing around £2.8bn through its Science Capability in Animal Health (SCAH) Programme in a 12-15 year project to create a major new research complex at the existing Weybridge science campus.

Masterplans are due to be finalised shortly with most of the building work taking place from 2027 to 2032.

Under the partnership, Mace will oversee the delivery of the advanced research centre at the heart of the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s campus, a facility already recognised for leading the way in research into animal welfare and resilience to animal-borne disease.

As the programme delivery partner, across an initial five-year period, Mace will provide a full suite of project and programme management services, as well as PMO and planning, cost and commercial management and business advisory capabilities.

The Mace team will be responsible for identifying and implementing innovative solutions such as modern methods of construction and digital command centres, developing tailored contracting strategies and advising on delivery requirements such as constructability and logistics.

The SCAH masterplan will include the refurbishment of some existing buildings, the demolition of old stock, and the construction of new world-class science facilities.

The important facility will secure and improve the UK’s capability to anticipate and respond to emerging animal disease threats, many of which can also affect people, with three quarters of new and emerging human diseases originating in animals.

Capital Sub Programmes

1. Capital Enabling Works and Services (net construction estimated costs range £50m – £75m)

– upto 2027: Consolidation of existing operations and vacation of redundant facilities to create the footprint for the future Science Hub capital works, ensuring ongoing continuity of operationally critical science facilities through the duration of the SCAH Programme. Note the parallel Engineering Delivery Framework (in procurement) will deliver a proportion of these works and services.

2. Site Wide Infrastructure works and services (net construction estimated costs range £125m – £175m):

– upto 2037: preparatory services to develop and deliver the requirements; and

– 2028 to 2037: works will overlap / interface with the main Science Hub works.

3. Science Hub capital works and services (net construction estimated costs range £650m – £850m)

– up to 2037: services to provide the design and develop the works, until completion and commissioning of the Science Hub; and

– 2025 to 2035: logistics, construction and associated delivery of the Science Hub new builds.

4. Site Rationalisation (net construction estimated costs range £50m – £75m)

– 2032 to 2037: activities to support the commissioning and operation of the Science Hub, and rationalisation of the wider estate.

Jason Millett, Mace Group Deputy CEO, said: “The SCAH programme is about providing 21st-century facilities that allow the UK to continue to strengthen its understanding of animal diseases to safeguard animal and public health and underpin pandemic preparedness.

 “At Mace, we’re striving toward building a more connected, resilient, and sustainable world, and I can hardly think of a better example to prove this. With the impacts of Covid-19 still fresh in our memories and increasing threats from animal diseases, this is an exciting opportunity to directly support global health and welfare for both animals and humans.”

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