Newsmax Host Accuses Biden’s ‘Democrat Dog’ of Being ‘Anti-Law Enforcement’

Newsmax Host Accuses Biden’s ‘Democrat Dog’ of Being ‘Anti-Law Enforcement’

A host for the hyper-MAGA cable channel Newsmax claimed on Wednesday night that the reason why President Joe Biden’s dog has bitten several Secret Service agents is because the animal is a “Democrat” and, therefore, “anti-law enforcement.”

Yes, he really said that.

The New York Post reported earlier this week that Commander, a two-year-old German Shephard who was welcomed to the White House in 2021, attacked seven people within just a few months last year. Notably, Commander assumed his role as First Dog after the Bidens’ other pooch, Major, had to be sent away following a spate of biting incidents.

Chris Plante, who moderates Newsmax’s blatant ripoff of Fox News’s panel show The Five, first kicked off Wednesday night’s roundtable discussion on Commander by comparing the pup to Vice President Kamala Harris.

“And so, that’s a vicious attack dog there,” Plante said on The Right Squad. “If you’ll recall, Joe Biden had to give away his old German Shepherd, his first German Shepard, Major, after a series of attacks on White House staff. Meanwhile, The Hill, a newspaper in Washington D.C., noticed that Kamala Harris is embracing her new role as White House attack dog. Which attack dog should we fear the most? Kamala or Commander?”

Turning to former Trump White House staffer Mercedes Schlapp, Plante noted that “President Trump didn’t have any dogs attacking the Secret Service” and that ex-Vice President Mike Pence “wasn’t the attack dog either.”

Calling it a “mess,” the Newsmax star went on to explain that Commander’s ideological leanings pushed him to instinctively chomp the president’s security.

“Then they get a new German Shepherd and— lovely dogs—and the new German Shepherd, apparently, not being treated very well. Attacking 10 people, and they’re all—I think it’s an anti-law enforcement dog, it’s a Democrat dog—it only attacks law enforcement,” he exclaimed.

Plante added: “This one didn’t attack staffers. Secret Service agents, plainclothes Secret Service officers, uniform division of Secret Service—10 of them attacked, including hospital visits and all this.”

Amazingly, though, Plante did not go so far as to accuse Commander of being a member of antifa or wanting to “defund the police.” Perhaps next episode.

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