Northgard releases new DLC featuring Hræsvelg, the Clan of the Eagle

Northgard releases new DLC featuring Hræsvelg, the Clan of the Eagle


Northgard releases new DLC featuring Hræsvelg, the Clan of the Eagle

Playdigious has been covering important animals from Norse mythology in their popular mobile RPG Northgard this year. In January, we saw the addition of Ratatoskr the squirrel, followed by Dodsvagr, the rat. The game’s latest expansion introduces the Clan of the Eagle as Hræsvelg joins the squad.

Northgard’s Clan of the Eagle DLC focuses on a new group of inhabitants called the Hræsvelg, who lead a rather minimalistic life. They do not reside in large territories and are perfectly fine venturing outside in order to gather resources.

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People of this clan have mastered their surrounding terrain and know every inch of it. This allows them to exploit the area to the fullest, significantly improving their chances of survival. Led by the only survivor of a fallen clan, Grif, the Hræsvelg will find home even in the most desolate of places.


The clan’s leader, Gri,f has never had it easy. He was orphaned at a young age when all the members of his parents’ clan were killed. It was then the followers of Hræsvelg adopted him and raised Grif as one of their own. His malleable nature is what made him a suitable leader of the Eagle clan.

With a new DLC also comes a mechanic and relic. Falconers can be assigned to Aviaries in order to explore unknown lands. Releasing hawks additionally allows players to stock up on resources on Boneyards so as to assist the sentinels. The new relic is called Vidopnir’s Feather and it unearths a Forbidden Cache containing a tonne of loot but an equal amount of challenge.

The Clan of the Eagle DLC in Northgard is available beginning today, September 21st. Interested players can purchase it for a premium of $2.99 or local equivalent. Visit the official website for more information.

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