Save your bells with the best Cyber Monday deals for Animal Crossing fans

Save your bells with the best Cyber Monday deals for Animal Crossing fans

These Animal Crossing Cyber Monday deals might be just the thing you need as the sale weekend draws to a close. What better way to enjoy a game about the simple things in life than, to buy something as uncomplicated and pleasing as a mug or a T-shirt? 

It’s been a few years since New Horizons gave us our last outing to the world of Animal Crossing, but it’s an eternally popular game – something proved by the fact that, three years on, we’re still seeing discounts on merch during the sales. 

So, whether you finally want to take the plunge on Animal Crossing Monopoly, or pick up some more little figures (you can never have too many, don’t listen to them) let’s see what’s going cheap in the last few hours of the Animal Crossing Cyber Monday deals. And, if you’re looking for anything Nintendo-adjacent, then we’ve got some Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals to check out as well.  

Cyber Monday’s best Animal Crossing Deals

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