‘That Day I Became an Animal:’ New York Times Reports on Hamas Weaponizing Sexual Violence

‘That Day I Became an Animal:’ New York Times Reports on Hamas Weaponizing Sexual Violence

This is a tough read, but a necessary and important one.

The things Hamas did in Israel on 10/7, and continues to do needs a spotlight shined on it. Especially because so many people deny this is happening or say the Israeli men and women who have been injured, raped, and killed by terrorists somehow deserve it.

We’ll warn you: this is graphic and disturbing, and not exactly something that will put you in the holiday mood, but the world must know.

The first victim she said she saw was a young woman with copper-color hair, blood running down her back, pants pushed down to her knees. One man pulled her by the hair and made her bend over. Another penetrated her, Sapir said, and every time she flinched, he plunged a knife into…

— Bari Weiss (@bariweiss) December 28, 2023

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Kudos to the New York Times for writing this piece:

At first, she was known simply as “the woman in the black dress.”

In a grainy video, you can see her, lying on her back, dress torn, legs spread, vagina exposed. Her face is burned beyond recognition and her right hand covers her eyes.

The video was shot in the early hours of Oct. 8 by a woman searching for a missing friend at the site of the rave in southern Israel where, the day before, Hamas terrorists massacred hundreds of young Israelis.

The video went viral, with thousands of people responding, desperate to know if the woman in the black dress was their missing friend, sister or daughter.

One family knew exactly who she was — Gal Abdush, mother of two from a working-class town in central Israel, who disappeared from the rave that night with her husband.

As the terrorists closed in on her, trapped on a highway in a line of cars of people trying to flee the party, she sent one final WhatsApp message to her family: “You don’t understand.”

Based largely on the video evidence — which was verified by The New York Times — Israeli police officials said they believed that Ms. Abdush was raped, and she has become a symbol of the horrors visited upon Israeli women and girls during the Oct. 7 attacks.


This is horrific.

Where is the ‘Me Too’ crowd? The feminists? The Left who scream ‘rape culture’ whenever a man even looks at a woman?

Why are they silent or — worse — denying this?

We all know why.

This is why the complaints and outrage from the Palestinians and their supporters hold no significance. I hope Israel remains strong and steafast and punishes everyone who played a part in this.

— Hiring (@Hiring) December 28, 2023

We hope so, too.

The commie leftists in your replies here wept and screamed at the obviously bogus stories about Brett Kavanaugh from 40 years prior, but are suddenly STEADFASTLY skeptical about first hand accounts of the most brutal rapes imaginable that happened less than two months ago.…

— Tanner Gregory (@TGhm1975) December 28, 2023

This is a very, very good point.

It also ties into what we said above: the same people who tripped over themselves to believe any rape accusation against a Republican (like Brett Kavanaugh) are now looking for evidence beyond video and eyewitness testimony. It’s incredible to watch, but not unsurprising.

I don’t have words to describe how horrific and vile this is. May these victims rest in piece.

Maybe the men who did this rot in the most horrific way possible.

— Just Carmen (@Carmen50) December 28, 2023

Yes, may they rot.

And may the victims rest in peace.

And u kno what many in my queer community tell me? “Don’t send me this stuff it’s triggering” code for “ I am pro Hamas” I did not stop and was then called a “bully” — amazing Jews who fight back are “ bullies” Dara Horn spot on w her chilling book “ people love dead Jews”

— rachel wahba (@WahbaRachel) December 28, 2023

A ‘bully’ for sharing this? Wow.

That was horrifying to read, but everyone should read it. Gaza should be a parking lot.

— Libby (@adlib421) December 29, 2023

It gave us a pit in our stomach, that’s for sure. But everyone should read it.

Beyond comprehension. Praying for all

— Liz 🦋 🇺🇸 (@ElizabethSolle2) December 28, 2023

It is beyond comprehension.

These atrocities were performed by the *government* and *military* of Gaza in violation of a cease-fire in an attack on Israel…

Gaza declared NOT JUST war on Israel on Oct 7th, they declared a war of cowardice and monstrosity of the worst kind…

— 🕯D.C. Pennington (@DCPenningtonArt) December 28, 2023

It was the worst kind.

For all the people screaming about a ceasefire, there was one in place on October 6.

Who broke it?


And now they’re facing the consequences of their actions.

Countdown to the Hamas apologists moving the goalposts on this again in 3, 2, 1…

— David Pivtorak (@piv4law) December 28, 2023

Oh, they’ll undoubtedly move the goalposts again. And again. Anything to defend the evils of Hamas.

What American college students march for. Don’t look away. Read the entire tweet. And remember how much American academia has cheered this barbarity. https://t.co/80u252Fypx

— Erielle Davidson (@politicalelle) December 28, 2023

And if they’ll march for this they’ll march for anything.

 Keep that in mind.

I’ve got a strong stomach. This was hard https://t.co/AxY0Mr1hay

— MacktheKnife (@KnifeMackthe) December 28, 2023

This was hard. This writer is a nurse and she’s seen some things and this still got to her.

Tell me again about a ceasefire. https://t.co/hfEhjZNC0H

— john jackson (@pvtjokerus) December 29, 2023

You don’t ceasefire with this.

The war ends when the animals are all gone. https://t.co/suXidOVDOa

— By the numbers 🔴📈✌️😎🇺🇸🇮🇱 (@TheRealFixNow) December 28, 2023

Exactly this.

Unspeakable horror is described in this article but we owe it for ourselves to read this. Just be prepared. https://t.co/SoYnAx34io

— David Sylvester 🇮🇱 (@DaveSylvester11) December 28, 2023

Be prepared. The horrors described are beyond unspeakable.

Read this. It’s about the “religion of peace.” https://t.co/MYDLkbSh2a

— Carl Gottlieb (@c_cgottlieb) December 28, 2023

Tell us more about ‘Islamophobia’, Biden.

Every single one of these barbarians needs to be unalived. In a way that is appropriate. Do your job, Shin Bet and Mossad. https://t.co/eGSo7fh70z

— Andreas (@sf_andreas) December 28, 2023

Mossad and Shin Bet will do their jobs.

This is utterly horrible. Evil.

And if you’re going to defend the Hamas atrocities as somehow “justified” or “resistance,” you should read every stomach-churning word of this. https://t.co/uF685MytVV

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) December 28, 2023

Yes, they should. They should be made to watch the footage.

Read all of this. This is what these demons did. How anyone can call this “resistance” is astounding. It’s pure evil. After a massacre so depraved, the authors of this act forfeit their right to exist. https://t.co/9CeGlMdjOn

— Eli Lake (@EliLake) December 28, 2023

This is not ‘resistance.’ These are war crimes. Atrocities.

I don’t recall even the most barbaric Holocaust eyewitness accounts being this gruesome. https://t.co/AqHUgcB72X

— Jason Epstein (@Southfive) December 28, 2023

Neither do we, which is saying something about how evil and horrible Hamas truly is.

The savagery and barbarism cannot be ignored and any who march in support are just as barbaric. https://t.co/XeBDL6PgKM

— The Alan Sanders Show 🇺🇸⚓️🐕 (@AlanJSanders) December 28, 2023

Amazing how the ‘speech is violence’ crowd absolves themselves from these horrible acts.

The administration is delusional in calling for a two state solution after this. https://t.co/75JCWqb7Bh

— PizzaCzar (@PizzaWanchovies) December 28, 2023

You cannot coexist with people who do this to other human beings. It’s not possible.

The hostages are speaking out about the atrocities that Hamas committed

This is graphic but a must read https://t.co/4zdP1jh7WZ

— Ari Hoffman (@thehoffather) December 28, 2023

Remember this when the Left tells us Hamas treated the hostages so well. They didn’t. They were malnourished, sick, weak, and went without proper medical care.

This is what “resistance by any means necessary” looks like https://t.co/sxZS3o36HM

— AJ-Comedy (@amiKozak) December 28, 2023

This should scare us all.

My g-d reading this crushes me and the fact that some “feminists” still want more proof and are doubting Jewish women who were brutally raped is beyond comprehension. 💔 #believewomenunlesstheyareisraeli https://t.co/MenP2ZYX06

— (((Rep.Alma Hernandez))) (@almaforarizona) December 28, 2023

It’s infuriating and utterly disappointing.

But that’s the Left for you.

Hamas’s atrocities are somehow even worse than we knew. Makes it even more sickening seeing them cheered on here and across the world. https://t.co/IEdKRzLksD

— Dan Conston (@danconston) December 29, 2023

And they are cheered on, in America, in Europe. On college campuses and in media newsrooms.

Will the feminist groups who said the stories of rape on Oct 7 were ‘Islamophobia’ or that the rape of Israeli women was being ‘weaponised’ now attack the New York Times for daring to expose the unspeakable monstrosity of the way these terrorists behaved? https://t.co/oS4uIHaQ6d

— Nicole Lampert (@nicolelampert) December 28, 2023

There’s a yet-unpublished Community Note on Weiss’s tweet trying to debunk the eyewitness testimony and reporting by the NYT.

We are some of the NYT’s harshest critics (and let’s be honest, the often deserve it). But this time they actually committed an act of journalism and should be praised.

Meanwhile, Hamas needs to be obliterated so this never, ever happens again to any person. Anywhere.


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