Veterinary Imaging Instrument Industry

Veterinary Imaging Instrument Industry

Veterinary Imaging Instrument Industry Data Book

Global Veterinary Imaging Instrument industry data book is a collection of market sizing information & forecasts, regulatory data, competitive benchmarking analyses, macro-environmental analyses, and technological framework studies. Within the purview of the database, all such information is systematically analyzed and provided in the form of presentations and detailed outlook reports on individual areas of research.

The global Veterinary Imaging Instrument Market size for the veterinary imaging instrument was estimated at USD 1.44 Billion in 2021 and is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 5.7% from 2022 to 2030.

Veterinary X-Ray Market Analysis And Forecast

The global veterinary X-Ray market generated over USD 546.9 million in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.0% over the forecast period. The market is driven by technological advancements in animal healthcare, which include effective assimilation of radiology information systems and teleradiology. Rising adoption in orthopedics and focus on innovation in animal health is anticipated to fuel demand.

An X-ray is a typical option for imaging to diagnose problems such as cough, trauma, fever, and troubled breathing among animals. Veterinarians use radiographs to examine pneumonia, cancer, heart problems, and other disease conditions. X-rays are the oldest but most frequently used imaging modality. Key players operating in this market are Sound; IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.; FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation; and Carestream Health.

Veterinary Ultrasound Market Analysis And Forecast

The global veterinary ultrasound market was valued at USD 326.7 million in 2021 and is anticipated to witness growth at a rate of 6.8% over the forecast period. Ultrasonography is the second most used veterinary imaging diagnosis. It uses ultrasound waves of 1.5 MHz to 15 MHz frequency on the body parts and creates images based on the echo pattern received from tissues. Since ultrasound equipment is non-radiographic, it is cheaper than other imaging modalities, such as CT & MRI, and easily portable. Wide applicability, ease of usage and cost-effectiveness are key attributes expected to drive the growth of this market in the near future too.

Based on type, the market is segmented into 2-D ultrasound imaging, 3-D/4-D ultrasound imaging, and Doppler imaging. The 2-D ultrasound imaging segment accounted for the maximum revenue share of around 39% in 2021. The market growth is attributed to the widespread popularity of such devices in pregnancy detection as well as disease diagnosis. Furthermore, less cost as compared to other types of ultrasounds is also expected to boost the market growth.

Based on scanner type, the market is segmented into cart-based ultrasound scanners and handheld scanners. The cart-based ultrasound scanners segment accounted for the maximum revenue share of more than 50% in 2021. The market growth is attributed to their high adoption due to ease of use and extensive use in veterinary clinics, hospitals, and diagnostic centres,

Based on application, the market is classified into orthopedics, cardiology, oncology, obstetrics & gynaecology, and others. The cardiology segment accounted for the maximum revenue share of around 25.0% in 2021. The increasing prevalence of cardiac disorders in animals is expected to contribute to market growth.

Based on end-use, the market is segmented into veterinary hospitals & clinics and others. The hospitals & clinics segment accounted for the highest revenue share of more than 55% in 2021. The availability of a wide range of diagnostic alternatives in hospitals and clinics is anticipated to contribute to market growth. 

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Animal/Veterinary MRI Market Analysis And Forecast

The Veterinary MRI market was valued at USD 198.8 million in 2021 and is expected to reach over USD 300.0 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 7.3% from 2022 to 2030. Rising usage of this modality by veterinarians in whole-body imaging due to the associated benefits such as high contrast and detailed anatomical tomographic images is expected to provide a growth platform in the coming 5 years. Moreover, rising penetration in orthopaedics, neurologic, and oncologic therapeutic applications will further boost the growth of this market.

MRI in ophthalmology is highly investigated in canine fibrosarcoma and feline melanoma cases. It is now widely applied in clinical areas of nasal neoplasm, musculoskeletal diseases, shoulder diseases, elbow dysplasia, ligament injuries, and orbital & eye diseases. In addition, the application of MRI in large animal research is significantly growing. Since MRI does not use ionizing radiation, it is safe in general for pregnant animals majorly during the third or second trimester.

Animal/Veterinary CT Imaging Market Analysis And Forecast

The global super-resolution microscopes market was valued at USD 161.5 million in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.7% over the forecast period. The rise in the companion animal population coupled with the growing adoption of pet insurance is anticipated to boost the market growth. Furthermore, an increasing number of veterinary practitioners and technological advancements in the sector are expected to fuel animal/veterinary CT imaging market growth.

CT has been widely explored since its first veterinary application for investigating the central nervous system in dogs and cats. In most cases, CT provides valuable images that are not precise in ultrasound or other radiography procedures. CT scans can be used in different species of animals to diagnose lesions, sinuses, jaw & dental arcade, retrobulbar region, skull, joints, and appendicular skeleton. Moreover, several bone diseases are investigated using CT scans as they can image bone curvature, angles, architecture, and thickness.

The North American region includes the U.S. and Canada, and it dominated the global market with the highest share of over 45.0% in 2021. This can be attributed to high healthcare costs and rise in the prevalence of obesity among the pet population. Furthermore, a surge in pet insurance claims is anticipated with the growing concern about pets among pet owners. For instance, it was estimated that in the U.S. pet adoption rate was around 2.48% in 2021 with about 4.0 million total pets. 

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Competitive Landscape

Key players operating in the Veterinary Imaging Instrument Industry are –

• IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.

• Canon Medical Systems Corporation

• FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation

• Samsung

• Heska Corporation

• Butterfly Network, Inc.

• Carestream Health

• Midmark Corporation



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