Weeks After Predicting He’d Die Beside His Loving Pigeons, Emotional Mike Tyson Gets Teary-Eyed While Talking About His “Power Animal” in Recently Surfaced Video

Weeks After Predicting He’d Die Beside His Loving Pigeons, Emotional Mike Tyson Gets Teary-Eyed While Talking About His “Power Animal” in Recently Surfaced Video

Picture this: The boxing world’s most formidable man feels emotional over a bird, not a fight. Yes, that’s Mike Tyson for you. He recently revealed his deep bond with pigeons. In an interview with  Pepe Sulaiman, ‘Iron Mike’ revealed this. Moreover, the interview is a part of  Sulaiman’s series “THE INTERVIEW I NEVER HAD.”

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Furthermore, this attempts to reach Mike Tyson’s inner self, making it a more personal and significant interview. In this clip, Pepe Sulaiman reads a Native American description of The Pigeons as a Power Animal, perfectly describing Tyson´s foundation. However, what exactly happened that filled Tyson’s eyes with tears as he talked about his “power animal?” Intrigued?  Let’s explore this emotional moment.

Mike Tyson breaks down over his love for pigeons


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What does the youngest heavyweight do when he gets a punch to the heart? This happened when ‘Kid Dynamite’ discussed his bond with his feathered pal.  Furthermore, Sulaiman read a Native American description of pigeons as power animals.

He said,  “According to Native Americans, when a pigeon is your power animal, here are four things: You enjoy being at home so much that you rarely venture out. Whether you’re male or female, you have strong maternal instincts. You are family-oriented, and when you spend time with others, your family members are your first choice. You have very clear and distinct moral values. Although you try not to impose them on others, you’re proud of your accomplishments and continue to aspire to other goals.”

Tyson listened intently, got teary-eyed, and admitted that his first fight was over a pigeon. This revelation adds another layer to Tyson’s complex persona, showing a softer, more vulnerable side that the public rarely sees. As ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ said, “My first fight was about pigeons, and that led me here.” Moreover, his love for pigeons was even cherished by ‘The King of Pop.’

King of Pop, MJ, remembered ‘Iron Mike’ for his pigeons

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Further, when Michael Jackson’s son asked if predatory birds went after his gentle pigeons, Tyson explained he keeps them protected in special pigeon coops (dovecots) in Brooklyn and Las Vegas.

DJ Whoo Kid then asked if Tyson would let him visit one of the dovecots. Tyson replied that his love of pigeons is ingrained from a young age and runs through his blood. He stated that he’ll still be with his beloved pigeons when he’s an old man, predicting he’ll die beside his pigeons one day.

57-Year-Old Mike Tyson Predicts He’d Die Beside His Loving Pigeons

From the boxing ring to the birdcage, Mike Tyson’s journey is nothing short of fascinating. His recent emotional revelation about his “power animal” not only humanizes the former heavyweight champion but also invites us to explore our own emotional landscapes. So, what’s your “power animal,” and what does it reveal about you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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